Black Breastfeeding Week 2017

Black Breastfeeding Week 2017

I moved to Brooklyn, NY from Houston, TX in 2014 to be a Full Spectrum Doula . I wanted to work with black women, women of color, low income, undocumented, migrant, Queer etc. I've attended over 70 births by 2017 ( as a Student Midwife  and Doula ) in Homes, hospitals and birth centers. Some were born via ceserean, some vaginally, some were abortions and even one was a still birth. I also provide free resources online about birth and reproductive justice on DoulaChronicles .com  It focuses on holistic uterine health and reproductive care by creating easier access of reproductive education for women of color. 

I was the Perinatal Doula Coordinator for a grassroots collective that offers Doula Services to Women of Color and Low Income Families  who otherwise would not be able to afford Doula Care. And apart of a Prison Doula program where we visit pregnant women twice weekly at Rikers Island. I left my job at a city agency providing reproductive health referral services in Brownsville, Brooklyn.

With all the work I've done in such a short amount of time I've realized that I am ready to add Midwifery to my resume.  A lot of the births I attend I witness women get mistreated, ignored and belittle during labor and I want to be apart of filling that gap in the lack midwives in my communities.  "States that give midwives a greater role in patient care achieve better results on key measures of maternal and neonatal health ." The dream goal is to go back to my parents home in Nigeria and provide Midwifery services but as we all know revolutionary work doesn't pay a living wage so I'm asking for assistance. 


Iā€™m currently in an apprenticeship in Austin, Tx with Licensed qualified midwives while completing the NARM Entry-Level Portfolio Evaluation Process (PEP) . This fulfills the requirements necessary to apply to become a Texas-licensed midwife, a NARM Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), or for licensure in other states and provinces. The amount I'm hoping to raise will cover the NARM fees,  Books, Medical supplies, Housing, and Transportation. 

Donations can also be sent through Paypal  and Cash App  ($EfeO)
If you rather purchase textbooks instead here's my Amazon Wishlist . You can also assist by purchasing medical supplies for my Homebirth practice here.


These are the books I need for my midwifery school program. Help support my journey to midwifery with a purchase or two! Give thanks