What White Midwives Can Do To Be Better Accomplices in Birth Justice


By Marea Goodman, LM, CPM

1. Educate ourselves (and each other) about racism.

2. Understand the internalized and institutional realities that families of color face in maternity/midwifery care. 

3. Understand models of care already created by people of color that are addressing these issues in your community

4. When working with families of color, check our privilege.

5. Consider referring clients of color to midwives of color.

6. Support financially.

7. Say no to midwifery tourism.

8. Talk to your white clients about race and racism.

9. Avoid culturally-appropriative names for our practices. 

10. Teach midwifery skills to students of color.

11. Build relationships with birth workers of color in your area, and follow their lead.

12. Continue to do active anti-racism work in your life, for yourself.

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