Black Student Midwife: Chasity Millen


Who are you and why midwifery?

My name is Chasity Millen and I am a 2nd year student midwife. I felt called to be a midwife to be a gatekeeper and honor the return of our Ancestors. I started as a birthworker in 2011 amd felt called to give support to WOC as a reprieve from the injustices we face everyday. I wanted to assist them in making informed and empowered choices when it came to birth and their health.

What structural and institutional barriers have you encountered that has made your student CPM journey difficult?

It has been difficult to function fully as a student midwife oncall, attend school, and also afford to handle it all. The fees associated with the school I attend are steep and traveling onsite is something I dread because I do not know where the funds will come from. Also the lack of diversity in the curriculum is just now being addressed.

How long have you been a student midwife?

2 years

Has it been difficult finding a preceptor? If so, why?

It was at first. I worked with a midwife in Michigan that did not know how to handle the reaction of her clients that were uncomfortable having a WOC at their birth. I struggled to find my voice while I worked with her. I moved a year ago and found the perfect placement with a WOC midwife in Atlanta.

How do you feel about the recent NARM changes?

They are discouraging. I wish they would continue to honor true apprenticeships and honor the traditional midwife. 

What can people who are reading this do to support you?

I do have my own business of natural products that I make to help maintain my household while I attend school and births. I do not get paid for births and I can not work a job with set hours while being on call so all sales are appreciated ( IG: @seethedivineinu