Postpartum Diaries: Get Over It!

Get over it!
Right away!
Or else you'll miss it right it front of you
Put the phone down
Turn the tv off

The baby is crying and the only way to soothe him is with you touch

Man that sucks that my hands weren't the first one to touch my baby's skin.

Get over it!
You're holding your baby now.
Your baby is home now.
That was yesterday.

So I make sure my hand is the first one you touch every opportunity I get.
Pass the baby, You're spoiling the baby
You hold the baby too much
You're still feeding the baby.
You're still giving the baby the boob.

It's what I feel is best.
It's what eases my stress.
That anxiety of not being with my baby.
That uncertainty of what's in the formula can
It's a remedy to help me get over it.

Informed consent
Believing im doing my best

Almost a year ago and I guess I can get over most of it cause now I have new old shit to worry me.

I have to get over it because there's a new hill ahead of me.

The clock will keep ticking and before you know it I have to protect my anxiety.

I have to ease the worry of having my black baby in this world that wants me to get over the hurts that are fresh cause there will always be the hurt from way before.

Get over it.
Get above it
Over stand
And make sure you stick to you plan.
I was just trying to stick to my birth plan.

My birth plan stopped at A cause we didn't believe in plan B
We wanted this glorious
We wanted this family
We need to be a family

I was just tryna stick to the plan, my birth plan that put precaution to the hurt from other women before
And still I got hurt

Get over it
Get above it
Over stand they never wanted to acknowledge it because you walked into their turf.

Get over it
Get above it
Over stand the next, well maybe there won't be a next time

Get over it
Get above it
Over stand you will be strong enough and the next time will be a better time on your turf.

Shaina Holmes is a proud breastfeeding mom who lives in Brooklyn, NY

Shaina Holmes is a proud breastfeeding mom who lives in Brooklyn, NY